Working with wood.

Wood is a wonderful medium in which to work. There can be so many different tones, grains and hue shifts within a very small space. There is also the freedom to bevel areas of interest, or cut intricate details right out of the wood. Furthermore, as a decorative element, wood has the intrinsic ability to make any space feel natural.
A series of Illustrations and designs created on wood. In most instances I used lasers to engrave and cut out sections to allow the illustrations to make an impact.

Wall Piece for /AndPeople's Office. This was a fun commission. I was given free reign and opted to create visual interest by combining light wood and dark wood.

Loeries Awards Finalist for Packaging Design.
FairWeather was a side project of mine. For a while I was obssessed with badges and brooches.
I created these because I was working a lot with wood at the time, and as far as I could tell, there were no wooden badges around.

Homeward Bound Exhibition
I was invited to participate in the Homeward Bound exhibition, part of the Cape Town International Tattoo convention.
The concept for these were the balance between sailors and their tattoos. All these wood pieces are at their roots inspired by either popular sailors sayings or Sailing Folklore.