Selected Packaging Projects.

A selection of packaging projects from the past few years. The importance of packaging is often overlooked. The Packaging  is the first tactile experience that a customer has with the product. The texture of the paper, the way the box opens or slides. These are all part of an experience that reinforces the brand. Packaging design is essentially your brands' "HandShake".
For the products below, I created both the identities and the packaging.

Bliksem Coffee
Bliksem is an Afrikaans expression that translates roughly somewhere between "Dammit!", "to Hit"and "Ouch!".
Bliksem Coffee's USP was that the coffee is so strong, it is like getting punched awake.

WarHen IPA
Warhen was an extremely limited edition Indian Pale Ale.
The name was a combination of the 2 founders' surnames, Henny and Warstler. All in all under 100 bottles were brewed.

Farmhouse Pride
Strawberry Jam. Created the traditional way. South Africa has a rich farming history.
I'm sure their are some farmers (and their wives) who don't know how to make the best strawberry jam you've ever tasted. But I'm yet to meet them.