Editorial Illustrations for MetaLab

MetaLab, one of the biggest interface design companies, reached out to me to help establish a look for their editorial illustrations. They wanted an illustration style that would be instantly recognisable as an accompaniment to their Blog stories, whether the topic is Health and Wellness, Remote working or Collaboration, all the illustrations needed exist as a family.
Defining an illustration look for the company that designed UberEats, Slack, The Yes, could have been an intimidating task had I not had the creative input from Rosie Manning, Art Director at MetaLab. Rosie was instrumental in the process from briefing to final delivery.

Health + Wellness
Illustration for the Health and Wellness section of the MetaLab Blog.

Remote Working
Illustration Shortly before the world went into lockdown, MetaLab (who has one third remote employees) wrote this article on the remote working lifestyle.

Illustration for this story about Notarize, a new app that has revolutionised an industry that remained unchanged for centuries.

Pitch x MetaLab
MetaLab and Pitch worked closely together from ideation to final creation. This illustration shows teams collaborating to reach a common goal. Read about it here.

The Yes
The Yes is an app that revolutionised online shopping. It curates outfits for the user, based on the user's preferences. Easily the user can shop items that they would wear. Article Here.

The Future has Feelings
The This Illustration accompanied a story on how it is all too common to overlook certain disabilities and isolate some users through ignorance or negligence.

Tarot Cards of Tragedy
The Tarot Cards of Tragedy were an in line illustration for the above story. Based on this article.